Arizona has a housing shortage. We have the solutions.

We educate elected officials & policy makers on the relationship among housing costs, labor availability, and economic development.

Welcome to Home Arizona, a coalition of Arizona leaders advocating for the development of fair and quality living spaces for employees and their families.

This pro-housing advocacy group was launched in 2021 by Arizona’s top economists, business leaders, policy experts and developers who are encouraging policymakers to understand the housing shortage and potential remedies before it becomes a major economic-development problem. 

Unlike other business, housing or trade associations, Home Arizona focuses exclusively on housing supply’s role in Arizona’s economic development, corporate relocation, job creation and quality of life.

But what unites us, and inspires us, is our shared belief in our responsibility to pass onto future generations the opportunities we inherited.

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Arizona Leaders Weigh In On Housing

"Housing for everyone -- from the retail employee, to the young college graduate, to the small business owner, to the seasoned professional -- is the foundation of Arizona's explosive economic growth. We must advocate for a variety of quality living spaces to ensure Arizona remains competitive."

Andrew Cohn

Levine Investments

"From A-frames in Rim Country, to ranches in Sierra Vista, to skyscrapers in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona’s housing diversity has long been an asset that helped us attract the nation’s top employers. Quality housing is key to economic development – and to the bright future of our state."

Karrin Taylor Robson

Founder & President, Arizona Strategies

"Housing abundance has long been part of Arizona's competitive advantage when attracting top employers. Let's ensure it stays that way."

John Graham

President & CEO, Sunbelt Holdings

"Ample, diverse, quality, nearby housing is critical to the success of retail and commercial development. It’s really that simple."

Chris Anderson

Senior Managing Director, Hines

"We've always known one key to hiring and retaining top-quality talent is having top-quality housing in close proximity. The pandemic has only made this fact most pronounced as we strive to fill vacancies at all levels of front-line healthcare. Diverse housing close to major employers is incredibly important."

Larry Lazarus

President, Lazarus & Sylvan | Board Member, Banner Health Board of Directors

"The need for quality housing with convenient access to employment and quality-of-life enrichments became even more clear during the pandemic. We strive for a better community – in the truest sense of the word – and that requires housing diversity and vision."

Diane Veres

Regional President-Southwest, Clear Channel Outdoor

"There is nothing more important to me than helping our community succeed. A major component of that success is ensuring that the quality, diverse housing that helped earn Arizona its position as a top state continues for future generations."

Sharon Harper

President & CEO, Plaza Companies

“The foundation of any successful society begins with a community’s ability to provide shelter to its residents. It is among the most basic of needs—and must be fulfilled for a community to prosper. Arizona’s explosive growth puts the state at a crossroads. We must provide housing thats affordable for our citizens or face the negative consequences that will clearly occur by ignoring this critical issue.”

Bill Lavidge

President & CEO, LAVIDGE

"We want our employees to be able to live close to where they work so that they can spend more time doing the things that really matter, like spending time with their families. Our employees do a lot for us. The least we can do is make sure that they have safe and quality housing. And when we can’t deliver on that, it becomes much harder to attract and retain talent."

Sissie Shank

President & CEO, Chas Roberts A/C and Plumbing

Attraction & Retention
of Top Employers
& Talent

Economic development begins with a pro-housing policy. Without housing for the workforce, we are going to lose our ability to recruit top employers, who bring good, high-paying jobs.  For the employers that are already here, they will lose their ability to recruit and retain top-talent.    

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Quality of

"Growth means more opportunity -- and more restaurants!" -- Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord

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for Small

Close, abundant housing -- for both customers and employees -- is key to the success of small businesses.

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Five Fast Facts

1. Arizona is facing an extreme housing shortage - at least 40,000 homes and apartments - which is driving up costs significantly and could threaten future economic development.

2. Rents are skyrocketing - up 18 percent in 2021 alone - and hard working families are being squeezed out.

3. If this continues, Arizona will have difficulty attracting future employers and retain existing employers like it has in years past.

4. Our children will not be able to afford to live in the community they grew up in.

5. We need more housing -- of all types, at all price levels. And we need it now.

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