About Us

Together for a Worthy Cause

“I’ve been doing this work since 1969, and this is the worst housing supply/demand imbalance I’ve ever seen in the Valley. We’re at the precipice of a very serious problem. We simply must increase supply.”

Elliott Pollack, Economist, Founder Elliott D. Pollack & Company

Welcome to Home Arizona, a coalition of Arizonans advocating for the development of fair and quality living spaces for employees and their families.

This pro-housing advocacy group was launched in 2021 by Arizona’s top economists, business leaders, policy experts and developers who are encouraging policymakers to understand the housing shortage and potential remedies before it becomes a major economic-development problem. 

Unlike other business or housing trade associations, Home Arizona focuses exclusively on housing supply’s role in economic development, corporate relocation, job creation and quality of life.

It has commissioned an economic impact assessment from Elliott D. Pollack and Company and has engaged with Arizona’s top employers to weigh in on the importance of quality housing to sustaining economic success.

But what unites us, and inspires us, is our shared belief in our responsibility to pass onto future generations the opportunities we inherited.