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Arizona is facing a housing crisis.
Here is what you can do.

Despite the large number of homes and apartments built over the last several years, housing supply has not kept pace with Arizona’s growing population.

This has made the housing market more competitive and less obtainable than ever. Residents of all incomes are struggling to find quality housing at a price they can afford. This trend doesn’t just affect individuals, however. It affects the companies that employ them. As many within our labor force are priced out of the communities in which they work, it becomes much harder for local businesses to attract and retain those employees.

Cities play a critical role in number of homes that are built. Significant delays in land zoning are pushing back building timelines, and a labyrinth of permitting issues are adding unexpected costs and challenges to building projects. Home builders are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate issues at the city level, and the costs of those challenges are being passed on to home buyers and renters.

We are fortunate to call Arizona home, and we recognize the considerable efforts our municipal leaders take in ensuring our neighborhoods are developed in a way that is safe and satisfies the needs of the communities. Home Arizona is urging cities to step up to ensure an adequate number of units are being built to keep up with the growing population. We are asking cities to investigate the barriers at the municipal level, and work together to simplify the process so more homes are available for Arizona’s families.

Please join us by adding your name to our petition. Home Arizona is asking our municipal leaders to take steps toward reducing the hurdles to residential construction – from zoning, to permitting, to construction inspections. It is our hope to find a long-term solution to the housing shortage. One that will benefit the current and future residents of Arizona, while focusing on the state’s economic prosperity.

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